Mayi Nalubega gets arrested for working as a sex webcams model in her own home

At the time she was the girlfriend of Mr. Fotios Basagiannis, citizen of Greece. The apartment where the raid was conducted, without any formal process or warrant, was rented in his name. Rental agreement/lease as well as rental payment receipts are on file for all interested parties as well as both Mr. Basagiannis' EU passport and Ms. Nalubega's Ugandan National ID. Ms. Nalubega was allegedly gang raped while in detention and "bailed out" by her family the next day after they paid millions in Ugandan sheilings to her very rapists to get her out.

Police going through the gate of her home (BELOW)

Police in her home arresting her with her webcam computer (BELOW)

At Police station being interrogated and having fingerprints taken by members of the Criminal Investigations Unit (BELOW)

The WhatsApp status Maya posted right after she was released from Police detention, the day after her arrest - No Comment! (BELOW)

Maya working on #1 (BELOW)

Maya working on #2 (BELOW)

Maya profile on (BELOW)

Maya streaming on free live chat on Stremate (BELOW)

An article from investigative reporters in Luxembourg, EU on livejasmin's 'Delicate' and illegal business in Uganda. LiveJasmin is a brand and subsidiary of "Docler Holding" whose base of operations is in Luxembourg, EU and whose alma matter is Hungary"

Link to actual article on site - in German and French. It can be translated to English via Google or Bing in your browser