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Who We Are

Fotios is a top rated freelance developer that has been creating original software solutions for 15 years

Fotios has a keen interest in IT security, Internet applications and embedded development. His research interests have included secure networks, models of trust, trusted agents, secure information exchange, and software development methodologies.

He holds a BSc and MSc in Computer Science. In the past he has worked as a freelance consultant and senior developer in the UK private sector as well as the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission (Italy).

His work has included leading the design, development and final successful deployment of ERCA, the European Root Certification Authority for the European Digital Tachograph project as well as the conceptualization, design, and proof-of-concept prototype development of SecNet-IE, an e-platform for Critical Infrastructures Information Exchange among governments.

He has received a global IT freelancer ranking of #32 among 300K, at the time, developers by in 2014. He is currently a top rated Upwork freelance with dozens of satisfied customers and close to 300K USD in net earnings in three years from Upwork alone.


We are experts in requirements gathering and analysis. We will help you better understand what you need and capture it in a detailed and structured manner. You, the client, will remain in the center of all desicion making while we provide all the technical intelligence you will need.


We will design your solution in a clear, professional way. Our experience and technical vigor will drive your solution's design from an appropriately abstracted functional architecture to a well detailed software architecture.


Problem free, efficient implementation by experts with extensive real experience that take the time to worry about potential issues before they become problems for you. Your total cost is our constant concern.


We will help you choose the right deployment platform, deploy, monitor and live support your solution until you're well on your way.

What We Do

We sell original software and develop special purpose solutions to your specification

Please contact us with your specific needs and we will quickly map out a solution for you along with an estimate of cost and time required. We sell prepackaged solutions (with or without full source code included) that can be further customized to your specification and short or long term supported as needed. We can also design and quickly implement green fields solutions at a fraction of the cost you would pay a software development agency. There are also co-op (shared monetization) adware and botnet opportunities we can discuss.

Disclaimer: All software is provided as proof-of-concept implementations STRICTLY intended for personal, experimental and educational use. Any other use, including unlawful or even unethical use of any kind, is strictly the responsibility of the end user and we do not not encourage, support or condone it in any way, shape or form.


From RAT (Remote Access Tools) to RET (Remote Execution Tools), the ability to execute elevated and hidden any remotely downloaded application or executable, ability to emulate user GUI interaction on hidden windows, ability to clandestiny install extensions and search providers in browsers, ability to bypass Windows UAC as well as avoid Windows SmartScreen, ability to remote control PCs via clandestine VNC (actually RDP to a separate Windows desktop session that can execute and interact with any installed application as any of the other system users granting access to their passwords, bookmarks, settings, etc.), central control servers running anonymously in the Darknet as web servers or IRC servers interacting with their admins over anonymized multi-hop encrypted connections and responding to commands encrypted to public keys, we do it and have done it all! Come to us with your needs and we'll find the solution best suiting them. We offer ready to run solutions (with or without full source code) as well as customized solutions based on the aforementioned working components. We can also develop brand new solutions for you based 100% on your requirements and specification.

Invisible Digital Watermarking

Intellectual property of pieces of visual art, be it photography or digitally created imagery, is difficult to manage in the chaotic and often inadequately regulated environment of the global Internet. Be it JPEG, PNG or any other digital image format, artists and visual content creators of all sorts need a way to pesistently yet invisibly stamp their information (name, signature, company logo, etc.) into the images they post online or sell to their clients. Furthermore, for content creators that distribute their media through a premium membership website a way is needed to encode, on the fly, into downloaded images the name/id of the user that users that downloaded them. This helps identify legit website account holders that nevertheless re-distribute content as their own and often make a profit out of it. We have developed a very robust such technology called "Chromashift" that encodes information into the chrominance component of image pixels in a way that is so robust that the only way to get rid of it is to deform the image to a point that it holds none of its initial artistic or functional value. We can customize ChromaShift to your needs for local installation on your server or sell it to you on an SaaS basis (via API).

Adware Solutions

We have working solutions and code that can perform on the fly ad injection and/or replacement on all pages and all browsers via transparent proxy. This can be done by either local instalation of Windows software on all client machines or proxy installation on your custom firmware WiFi router, e.g. OpenWrt, or other customizable gateway solution. We also have deployable botnet solutions that can inject or replace ads on client machines and can call the command center (periodically) to receive commands, software updates and ad loading directives. Options for pop-ups, tab pops, invisible browser instances etc. also exist. The existing code base can be combined and/or modified as needed to suit your specific needs. Check specific project pages below for more details and pricing.

Global Residential IP

Deploying globally spread botnets provides botnet admins with access to a large set of global residential IPs that can be harvested in the implementation of distributed reverse connecting proxy farms. These IPs can be used for aninymizing purposes or as a cheap but very effective replacement for VPNs that is not limited to a shortlist of IPs the VPN provider owns. These IPs can be used either by the admins themselves or their use can be exposed via an API implemented on a central control server. Use of the API can then be monetized using your own business model. Our reverse connecting proxy technology is robust, works with all browsers (SOCKS5), secure (utilizes SSH tunneling) and is easy to use on the proxy user side as it can automatically open the port needed for the reverse connection via UPnP IGDP.

Collaborative Document Authoring

We have developed several collaborative online document authoring systems for organizations like Universities and research institutions. We use modified clones of ShareLaTeX that swap LaTeX based editing for HTML, Markdown or plain text with menu driven formatting. The edited documents can be previewed in ther browser (and exported) as HTML or PDF. The system supports multi-user authoring of a single doc, document sharing among users, user chat and full history keeping of edit actions. We can quickly set up such a system for you and customize it to your specification quickly, professionally and at very competitive prices.

All Purpose Development

Do you have a demanding IT project? A project that is probably not a good fit for the average developer? Do you need someone with a solid formal education in computer science whose breadth of IT knowledge and experience can bridge systems and technologies and make it all work? My name is Fotios. I hold an MSc in Computer Science from a top UK technical university and have 15 years of hands on experience in the industry, successfully leading the development and delivery of projects as important as the European Root Certification Authority for EU's Digital Tachograph, see Be it Windows, Linux or embedded development, we got your back!

Featured Works

Here are some of our solutions

Ad Replacement

Transparently replace everyone's ads
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Remote access & execution tools
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Reverse Proxy Farms

Global residential IPs on demand
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Invisible Watermarking

Persistent digital artwork stamping
Project Link

Darknet Botnets

Clandestine botnet command centers
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Collaborative Editing

Custom doc authoring for teams
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What Clients Are Saying

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He went beyond my expectation. Suprised me in a very positive way. He clearly achieved much more than my original requirements. In addition, communication with him is very smooth and professional. Will try to work with him again in the near future once I have other projects.

Yan Liu CEO, TVision
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We will definitely hire Fotios for our next project! He is knowledgeable, detailed oriented and good communicator.

Raul Velarde CEO, Decipher Credit Solutions
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Fotios will deliver your solution on spec no matter how hard the problems. He works meticulously and hard and is always there. Recommended!

Ziv Fradkin Project Manager, The LINK Solution
Author image

Top notch committed developer.

Remy Broos CEO, CLORC
Years of Experience
Thousands of Lines of Code
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Happy Clients

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